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Questions to ask your newborn photographer before you book them by Cleveland, OH newborn photographer

I’ve been a Cleveland, OH newborn photographer for 6+ years now and I’ve had several clients come to me heartbroken with the images they received from their first newborn photographer.  With so many options out there, it really is so crucial that people do thorough research on their photographer before they book them to ensure not only the session runs smoothly, but that their vision is inline with the photographer’s style and capability.  For that reason, I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 questions that every person should ask their newborn photographer before they book them to ensure they end up with images that they LOVE!

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Newborn Photographer Before You Book

  1. Have they been trained in newborn safety?  This is the most important one as there are many new photographers that lack proper experience and training.  It is good to know how long they have been photographing newborns specifically and what training they have received.  I personally have photographed 100’s of babies and not only attended several different in-person workshops, but I also serve as a newborn photographer teacher {click here for my Cleveland, Ohio newborn photographer bio}.  This is important for my clients to know so they can be assured their little peanut is in the best hands.Questions to ask your newborn photographer before you book them by Cleveland, OH newborn photographer
  2. Do they do composite editing?  This is also related to safety practices.  Some poses like the one pictured above, require the support of another person.  This pose is photographed from different perspectives and then edited in photoshop to create 1 final image which is called a composite edit.  For safety reasons, poses like this should not be done without a “spotter” providing additional support to baby in case they startle or move.
  3. How long have they been photographing newborns?  Experience in this field is correlated with quality due to the steep learning curve involved with newborn photography.  For that reason, you will want an experienced photographer who specializes in newborns and has at least a few years of experience under their belt.   Sometimes, newer photographers will display work that has been taken during a workshop, but is quality that they may not necessarily be able to replicate with their own work. Booking an experienced newborn photographer will help ensure that the work displayed in their portfolio is what you really can expect to see with the gallery of images you receive for your own sessions. Top rated cleveland newborn photographer lifestyle newborn photographer by Cleveland, OH newborn photographer
  4. Do they offer in-home sessions or studio (or both)? There are several different newborn session options available out there and it’s important to first determine what session type you most prefer and whether they offer that option.  If you prefer to stay within the comfort of your own home, an in-home lifestyle session would most likely be a session for you.  If you prefer to travel to a studio (where you can leave the stress of a tidy home behind), a studio option would be more suitable. I offer in-home lifestyle sessions, studio sessions for baby-only portraits, and also studio styled lifestyle sessions.
  5. What types of products do they offer?  Not all newborn photographers offer digitals and/or print products, so if you are hoping to get a specific product, this is something you will want to know up-front.  Many of my clients purchase an album because the idea of making their own baby photo album is overwhelming, so they pass on that task to me.  Not only do all my clients receive digital images from their session , but I offer a comprehensive list of newborn photography print products as well.

I hope these questions help you to find the best newborn photographer for you and that your images are exactly what you envisioned!

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