Photography mentoring, photography portfolio review, clickproPORTFOLIO REVIEW- $65

Portfolio reviews are great ways to get honest, constructive feedback on your photography and are suitable to both hobbyists and professionals. With this portfolio review, you’ll walk away with a better understanding on where your strengths and areas for improvements are along with steps to help you grow and reach your photography goals.  This review includes the following:

  • Email consultation to understand your photography goals and what you’re hoping to get out of this consultation
  • Detailed written assessment on your strengths, areas for improvements along with exercises aimed at strengthening your photography skills (based on portfolio review of up to 150 images)
  • Individual image critique on up to 10 images

Criteria: Individual cannot reside within 100 miles of Medina, Ohio; can either be a hobbyist or a professional



Newborn skin editing-newborn editing video-skin smoothing

Newborn editing video-newborn wrapping video

Newborn editing-newborn blanket editing-newborn blanket fade

Learn how to create flawless looking newborn skin, fix purple/red feet, blotchy skin patches, and much more in this series of newborn editing videos without the use of any actions.  This is what’s included with your purchase:

  • 1 video that explains steps to fixing bumpy wraps
  • 1 video that explains steps for fixing a backdrop and creating a blanket fade
  • 1 video that takes you through the entire process of creating flawless newborn skin without the use of any actions (topics covered include fixing purple/red feet, addressing blotchy red skin patches, adjusting overall skin tone)
  • *Bonus*: skin smoothing PS action to increase your workflow efficiency

Criteria: Software used in videos is Photoshop CC 2015 using a mac.  Steps can also be applied to Photoshop Elements (keyboard shortcuts that I explain throughout the video are specific to mac users only).